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“Being in the business of international export, we have been serviced by W.F. Whelan for over 15 years.  In this time, we have placed our utmost confidence in their dedication, service and reliability to get our shipments overseas and delivered to our customers without fail.  Working with their team of experts has truly been a pleasurable experience and one that we deem significant to our success”.

Theresa B.

WF Whelan Company, an exclusive United Shipping, Inc. partner since 2000 is a cut above the rest!  Providing efficient, customer-friendly service, WF Whelan is able to meet all or our logistics needs.  We are proud to have WF Whelan as an integral partner of our celebrated worldwide network of freight forwarders and customs brokers.  “United Shipping sets high standards for our partners and WF Whelan Company receives a superior rating.

Greg T.

W.F. Whelan Company’s professional and personalized service is a breath of fresh air amongst the trend of consolidation in the industry.  It’s nice to know that I can pick up the phone and speak directly with the person who is handling my shipment!

Amy S.

As an importer/exporter from 4 containments each year we rely on our Int’l logistics provider to be more than just a forwarder.  W.F. Whelan Co has a level of organization and service that is truly impressive.  We consider them a true partner and an essential component of our success.

D. Sweet

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the effort you put into the PIDC account.  Whelan stayed with us when things were tough and hopefully will share in our success.


W.F Whelan has been our customs broker for 15 years.  It has also been a pleasure to work with your professional staff.  Customs clearance are always handled in a timely manner.

Shirley M.

“We would like to take this opportunity to commend WF Whelan for an outstanding job they had done for us on a recent shipment into Detroit.  The shipment itself was laden with hurdles as it was found to be not legally marked by Customs.  WF Whelan handled the shipment and offered our client the solution to have the shipment marked at the warehouse.  The marking job was very labor intensive.  WF Whelan kept us posted along the way with daily updates and was successful in getting Customs to the facility to examine it and sign off the CF 4647 in a very expeditious manner.  We are grateful to WF Whelan handling this shipment for us.  We will certainly recommend WF Whelan to all our colleagues.”

Valerie C.

I have been working with WF Whelan since 2005, they are real professionals and I know I can count on them to get the job done!

Kelli D.